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Professional Digital Tape Measure

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Professional Digital Tape Measure
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The T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure is the world's most productive tape measure delivering fast, accurate, and forget free measurements with robust digital measuring technology.

The world's first, professional grade, digital tape measure enables tradespeople, across industries, to collect measurements faster and more accurately than ever before. A live view, OLED display, shows measurements of the tape measure, digitally, in both english and metric units.  With a click of a button, measurements are saved to a side mounted e-paper display.

Completely redesigned ergonomics make the T1 easy and comfortable to hold. A stainless steel belt clip makes the T1 easy to fasten to your belt or tool bag with ease. The robust thermoplastic coating with special application pattern along with high contrast markings gives the T1 blade industry leading durability.

Precision front and rear reference surfaces paired with a green laser line projection work together to accurately capture measurements.  Taking incremental measurements, center measurements, and, the traditionally difficult, internal measurements are as simple as clicking a button.  Bluetooth connectivity allows measurements to be synced with the REEKON ROCK app for making distinct job sites, layouts, and cut lists.

With absolute measurement correction, the proprietary TOMAHAWK Measurement Engine is extremely robust against errors, tape measure wear, is self calibrated by moving the blade, and holds accuracies beyond 1/32" (0.5 mm). The tool itself is encased in glass filled nylon with urethane protection ribs, surrounding critical components, enabling the T1 to be drop rated to 1m.

In addition to the formidable T1, REEKON Tools is proud to introduce the REEKON ROCK mobile app which allows for users to make digital jobsites, store measurements recorded on the T1 device, and compile into cut lists. ROCK is an industry first app designed for the professional tradesperson.  Cut lists can be organized by location and shared with other users on the same site along with manipulated into material optimizations, layouts, and external program exports.

Digital Tape Measures offer countless benefits over traditional, analog, tape measures and offer features and applications that take full advantage of digital data generated from recorded measurements. 

DUAL SCREENS - The T1 contains a top mounted OLED display that outputs the measurement, of the extended tape, along with status icons of the tool.  A side mounted E-Paper display (similar to the ones found on an Amazon Kindle) contains a measuring list of recorded measurements.


LASER ALIGNMENT - The T1 green line projection, that extends the front measuring surface , is ideal for aligning to surfaces.  By extending approximately 3.5" (90mm) in either direction, it is fast and accurate to correlate measurements displayed on the screen of the T1 to adjacent surfaces, edges and corners.

INCREMENTAL MEASUREMENTS (otherwise known as zeroing the measurement) allows for measuring in increments without the need to do any addition or math operations.  To make a mark every 16", the T1 can be zeroed to read 16" for each increment vs needing to calculate the cumulative number (12, 32, 48, 64...).


INSIDE MEASUREMENTS  - While many analog tape measures display the length of the body on the side, fractional math can quickly become cumbersome along with a rear surface that is not flat.  The T1 automatically calculates the length of the tape measure and digitally adds it into the measurement.  Combined with a flat rear measurement surface, taking internal measurements is a fast and accurate process. 

TARGETING mode turns the T1 green laser into a powerful tool for locating specific measurements. By selecting a measurement on the E-Paper display, the laser can be used as a visual indication tool (along with arrows on the screen) to help rapidly locate a specific measurement. 


INTEGRATED MARKING - An add on pencil and pen holder mounts to either side of the T1.  The molded V groves in the rubber over mold of the T1 body allows almost any round marking body to align with the front measuring surface and lock in place, allowing one handed marking operations.  

CENTER FINDING - Finding the center of an opening or length is automatic using the center-finding function which displays the center distance (total distance divided by two) on the live view screen.  The number of increments of a given length can be changed and selected to any increment for easy splitting and marking of lengths (3 sections, 4 sections, etc).

LASER MARKING - In addition to being an accurate alignment reference, using the laser avoids a hand getting in the way of the tape measure body and allows easy marking, aligned with the displayed measurement, for making marks.

Connect and unify your jobsite with the ROCK connected measuring mobile app. The ROCK app allows for centralized collection of all measurement data used on a jobsite, big or small, and allows for several useful layout and calculations functions.

The ROCK app, available later this year for iOS and Andriod devices, seamlessly connects with REEKON products and external data sources to capture, organize, and assign measurements. 

Robust organization allows for collaboration and sharing of measurements, designs, layouts, and calculations across jobsites and team members.  Powerful pairing with other REEKON products, including the M1 Caliber Miter Saw Measuring Tool, allow for full digital measuring workflows from capture to execution.  

Advanced analytics allow for tracking and unprecedented data collection for project managers and supervisors to have a clear picture of jobsite operations down to an individual's contributions. 

Automatically calculate common items needed on a jobsite ranging from cultists to staircases, without any manual entry required. Measurements can be selected from captured and imported lists to optimize cuts and material consumption, based on user selected input parameters, to ensure minimal waste and time spent calculating cuts.

While many companies struggle to distinguish their tape measures and make up marketing buzz words to help distinguish one brand from another, we headed back to the drawings boards to develop entirely new technology and form factors to completely redefine what a tape measure is capable of with a focus on professional users. 

ACCURATE RESULTS - Accuracy is a core component of the advanced measuring system integrated into the T1.  Accurately knowing where the blade is along with the ability to know when an error has occurred distinguish the T1 in its unparalleled performance, accuracy, and reliability to exceed any and all professional standards.

LASER SHARP - A powerful, green laser, projects an extension line that makes alignment, marking, and verification a routine process by extending the front measuring surface to its right and left.

DIVERSE MEASURING UNITS- In addition to digitally displaying most all linear units on the live view screen, the blades are fully replaceable and come in english and metric units (and can be changed at any time with the additional purchase of a tape measure blade).


NEXT DIMENSION OF MEASURING- The T1 Tomahawk represents a fundamental shift in measuring and unlocks and entirely new world of capability and functionality, allowing trade professionals to apply their talents fully, measuring and placing materials as an effortless afterthought.  

 While there are limited 'gadget' digital tape measures on the market, none come close to meeting the professional requirements of a tradesperson who need speed, durability, and accuracy.  The T1 has been specially designed to integrate our patent pending encoding technology to ensure accuracy and repeatability as well as enable the T1 to be fully self aware should any (low probability) errors occur. The inherent durability in its design and materials ensures it maintains calibration across the unforgiving job site conditions.

A proprietary, patent pending, dual sensor, measuring engine was developed to ensure the system is robust against errors and the use of different encoding technologies ensures the T1 consistently has a reliable stream of data to encode and display linear measurements.

The T1 Tomahawk is a self calibrating tool and contains an advanced learning algorithm.  There are several, consistently improving, steps in the algorithm that learns and gets better over duration of use.  This learning ability helps account for environmental conditions, variances in the tape printing, and scratches on either side of the tape.   

With high accuracy requirements that all professionals have comes the need for awareness of when it could be displaying an incorrect reading. While a rare occurrence (less than 2% of the time and usually in edge case conditions),  this knowledge is kept internal to the tool and shared with the user by displaying slashes on the screen, meaning the tape needs to be moved slightly to re-confirm where it is located. 

All day jobsite performance is a requirement  for any professional tool. Ensuring the T1 has ample battery capacity to keep it running for multiple days between charges was a must when developing this tool. The T1 is powered by a rechargeable and removable battery pack and can be charged with an onboard USB-C connector.

As REEKON Tools continues to advance the software features that enhance the performance and functionality of the T1, the on board firmware will be upgradeable over bluetooth using our ROCK app to ensure users always have the latest and greatest software powering their exceptional measuring tool.

A digital tape measure cannot be great until it is first a great tape measure.  While it is clear the benefits digital offers, they mean very little if the tape is not designed to work on the jobsite.  The T1 tomahawk has taken this to its core ensuring that it has the robustness, durability, and performance to earn a permanent home in every trade professional's toolbox.

As the most susceptible part of any tape measure, the tape measure blade is fully replaceable should any wear, breaking, or cracking occur on it.  By removing two phillips heads screws, users are able to extend the tape, lock the spring in place, and perform an easy swap of the blade, making the T1 the only available tape measure, of any kind, on the market with the spring locking feature for blade replacement. 

The T1, even in prototype form, is thoroughly drop tested and evaluated to best optimize the materials for job site conditions.  The T1 contains specially designed, impact absorbing, geometries along with advanced materials to ensure sensitive areas and components of the tape measure are fully protected.

One of the most distinguished features of the T1 is its form factor.  The T1's optimized ergonomics and comparable weight to 35 foot tape measures make it an ideal work-belt companion that is more comfortable to grip, for extended periods of time, than most stubby 25 and 35 foot tape measures.  

For work on scaffolding, ladders, boom lifts, or other high places, there are several mounting points to add in wrist straps and other securing devices to prevent drops from occurring.

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    Professional Digital Tape Measure

    Sale price USD $23.98 Regular price

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